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06 January 2018 | comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:

Black Mountain

Black Mountain is an iconic Canberra landmark. It's elevation of 812 metres is 256 metres higher than Lake Burley Griffin.The imposing Telstra Tower rises another 195 metres above the summit.

Snow fell on the mountain this winter but not on the lower ground.

It's a pleasant scenic walk from the base, especially starting from the Australian National Botanic Gardens. The gardens feature a scientific collection of native plants from all parts of Australia, including rainforest and desert species.

The Black Mountain walk is less popular than Mount Ainslie above the War Memorial and the views are not as remarkable, but the diversity of scenery rewards walkers who take the longer route aound the western and southern side (see map).

The total length is 6.18km, which can be shortened by starting outside the gardens and taking the more direct route.

Black Mountain


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