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26 January 2018 | comments: 0 | Categories: Tags:

Queensland move

I'm now living at Moore Park Beach after moving to Queensland to start a job with Bundaberg Regional Council.

Moore Park Beach is a beautiful settlement of 1600 people about 20-25km from Bundaberg. I write "20-25km" because the community is spread along a narrow strip of beach and hinterland for several kilometres.

I say "settlement" because there is not much of a town centre. There's a pub and (...)

26 December 2017 | comments: 0 | Categories: Tags:

Christmas 2017

It's been a lovely Christmas to end a difficult year. My four children are all together with me for the first time in several years. My eldest son has travelled to Canberra from Adelaide with his girlfriend.

We feasted on Christmas Day. My plate shows the selection of festive fare including ham and chicken, falafel, quiche, dolmades, green salad, pasta salad, pumpkin, chickpeas and bread.

We're house sitting in Narrabundah, minding an energetic young Groodle while the owners (...)

10 November 2017 | comments: 0 | Categories: Tags:

Childhood leisure memories

I was asked recently to describe my leisure activities between the ages of 10 and 13. It's an interesting question, especially as I can make comparisons with my children.

I have to say though, that I can't remember much about being 10 years old. In 1977 I was in grade five at St Michael's Primary School, Traralgon. My teachers were Mrs Haylock and Miss Fitzpatrick.

I played football for Southside in the under 10s competition. I was in the best three players and won selection (...)