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19 July 2007 | comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:

Dildos in the news

We had dildos in the paper today; the word "dildos" that is. Our reporter attended a public meeting on Tuesday night, called to discuss issues of concern regarding the Kalgoorlie Hospital.

A local doctor said the hospital was "overrun by administrative dildos".

This prompted some discussion on the subs desk about how to spell the plural of dildo. It's not every day we print this word; in fact I can never recall reading it in a newspaper before.

I was one of those who thought it should be spelt "dildoes" as in potatoes. The dictionary supported the contrary view and that prevailed, so it is now officially house style in the unlikely event we need to write about dildos again.

There was a follow-up to the story this morning when a hospital administrative employee came to see me about another matter. After a chat he asked me if Dr X had really called the office staff dildos.

"Surely he said dodos," the man said.

Putting aside the fact bureaucrats think people might call them dodos, it posed a serious question of accuracy. The reporter stands firm that Dr X said dildos.

If we were obliged to print a correction it would make for unusual reading:


This newspaper wishes to correct a statement in which Dr X said the Kalgoorlie Hospital was being overrun by administrative dildos. He actually said the hospital was being overrun by administrative dodos.

  • Note: This historical post was retrieved using Internet Archive Wayback Machine. It was written when I was editor of the Kalgoorlie Miner.
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