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19 November 2017 | comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:

Hyper Real exhibition

The National Gallery is currently featuring an exhibition of sculptural realism which provokes and mesmeries in equal measure.

Hyper Real presents works from Americans George Segal, John De Andrea and Duane Hanson, Australian artists Patricia Piccinini, Ron Mueck and Sam Jinks, and others.

It's a form of art I haven't witnessed before. The human likenesses are uncanny. Becoming absorbed in the experience, it requires concentration to realise the person standing by the wall is actually a person and not part of the exhibit.

Giants and dwarves explore humanity at different levels. It's a confronting insight, seeing mankind flawed and beautiful.

The frozen head of British artist Marc Quinn is rendered in the artist's own blood, suspended in refrigeration.

A panoramic film concludes the display.

It's not often I leave an exhibition confused, but Hyper Real gives much to think about.

Old Woman at Hyper Real

Banana at Hyper Real

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