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12 November 2017 | comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:

Kingston Foreshore

I've been living in the Canberra suburb of Kingston since February 2017, close to the southern foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin.

It's a lively and interesting place with medium-density apartments, restaurants and cafes. The older, more established part of Kingston is a few hundred metres south across Wentworth Avenue and Manuka is a short walk further.

It's 5.5km to the office where I work in Civic, which is a leisurely 20-minute ride along the lake, with only a couple of road crossings. It takes longer to get to work by bus, which I mostly do only if it's raining.

Kingston is one of the oldest suburbs in Canberra and housed the designated capital's original power station from 1915-29. It was the city's first public building. The shell of that building is the Glassworks today.

The Kingston Foreshore development didn't exist when I first visited Canberra in 1986. It's an urban renewal progam which began construction in July 2007.

I think it's improved Canberra and gives the lakeside precinct a really good vibe.

The contrasting photos below were taken nearly five months apart. The golden picture was in July on one of the coldest mornings of the year, at minus eight degrees.

Today there were dark clouds, but it's much warmer, at 19 degrees and a relatively high 60 per cent humidity.

Kingston Foreshore, November 2017

Kingston Foreshore, July 2017


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