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26 January 2018 | comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:

Queensland move

I'm now living at Moore Park Beach after moving to Queensland to start a job with Bundaberg Regional Council.

Moore Park Beach is a beautiful settlement of 1600 people about 20-25km from Bundaberg. I write "20-25km" because the community is spread along a narrow strip of beach and hinterland for several kilometres.

I say "settlement" because there is not much of a town centre. There's a pub and supermarket with a few shops but they're 4km away from where I'm living.

The place is "beautiful" because it hugs a long, unspoilt sandy beach. There are wildlife corridors and open spaces that encourage kangaroos and birds to remain active residents. I rode the bike 10km from home this morning and saw plenty of animals and large rural blocks on quiet roads.

The wetland picture (below) was taken while on the ride. It can also be seen here.

I'll write more about my experiences in future and plan to post lots of photos.

Moore Park Beach wetland

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