Michael Gorey has lived almost everywhere in Australia.

I’ve been everywhere man!

I’ve been everywhere man! The map shows the 16 towns and cities I’ve called home through my 51 years on this planet from Gippsland to Queensland.

I don’t remember anything about Warragul because I was a year old when my parents moved from there to nearby Traralgon in 1968.

Warragul is special as my place of birth. It’s a name I often have to write on forms and so forth.

Traralgon is where I consider home to be. It’s changed a lot since I grew up there in the late 60s, 1970s and early 80s. I started primary school at St Michael’s in 1972 and finished at Lourdes College in 1984.

The city had a population of 14,000 when I was young; at the 2016 census it was 25,485. I remember when there were no traffic lights and a single-lane road to Melbourne.

The nicest place I ever lived was Porepunkah. Maybe I just have happier memories from there. We had a lovely home and my older kids grew up with an idyllic lifestyle, playing outdoors, swimming in the river and attending a small school.

After my divorce I came to like Adelaide for its vibrancy, cultural scene and fantastic restaurants. Canberra was good like that too, but it’s very expensive. I now live 200 metres from a sandy beach; that’s pretty special too.

The map doesn’t reflect that I often changed address in the towns and cities where I lived. In Adelaide, for example, I lived at five different places in four years. I had two stints at Alice Springs, in 1988 and 2014-16.

I’ve been fortunate to live in some lovely homes.

The only significant gaps on the map are North Queensland and Tasmania. I doubt I’ll ever end up at either of those places during my everywhere life, but you never know.

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