Big Bash cricket

Sunday, 3 January 2021

I appreciate cricket in all its forms for skill and strategy. I grew up when ODI was on the rise but Test matches still held sway as the pinnacle.

Oddly enough, one-day matches became boring because the tactics were so predictable. A winning formula rarely varied, especially for the team batting first.

The arrival of T20 cricket was the biggest revolution since Kerry Packer’s World Series in the 1970s.

Suddenly the game was popular with kids again and women for the first time.

I’ve been to a few matches in Adelaide and yesterday went to a Big Bash game at the Gabba in Brisbane between the Heat and Sixers.

A group of South African women sat beside me and chatted all evening, with occasional interruptions to sing, dance, clap and play the virtual bongo drums. They didn’t seem particularly interested in the cricket but had a good time.

My 17-year-old daughter was with me and she enjoyed the spectacle. She’s an enthusiastic fan of the Melbourne Stars but shows little interest in Tests and ODI.

Personally, I find the constant noise distracting,albeit sometimes entertaining. Without wishing to sound like a cricket snob, I’m aware that most people at the ground have little appreciation for the game itself or the strategy.

The scoreboard reflects this, with hardly any information provided.

Nevertheless, it’s a good night out and the Queensland Government helped by providing New Year fireworks at the interval.

Brisbane Big Bash