Mount Lofty lookout

Wonderful Adelaide holiday

Glenelg sunset
Sunset over the Glenelg Jetty in Adelaide, South Australia.

Last weekend I enjoyed a four-day visit to Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

It was a wonderful getaway with my partner Wendy, which included catching up with my lovely daughter Kathleen.

We spent two nights in Adelaide, visiting a couple of wine bars on Thursday evening. On Friday we went to the Central Market and bought some truffle oil. In the evening we watched SANFL action between West Adelaide and Sturt, which was Wendy’s first experience with AFL.

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Nanda Blue Hole

Nanda Blue Hole

One of the highlights of my Vanuatu holiday in early January was visiting Nanda Blue Hole.

It’s a picturesque freshwater natural swimming hole surrounded by forest and teeming with tropical fish.

Entrance costs 1000 vatu (A$11). That’s more expensive than other blue holes on the island of Espiritu Santo, but there’s decking, change rooms and other amenities.

The money goes to the traditional owners. This was something I observed in Samoa as well, and it’s appropriate that international visitors should support local communities when travelling.

My daughter Maggie and I went to Nanda after visiting Champagne Beach, which was beautiful but also very hot in the baking sun.

The freshwater at Nanda Blue Hole was sweet, cool and refreshing.

We had our goggles and flippers, so went snorkelling there. It’s surprisingly deep and there were many large fish.

Our thanks to Mutiara for the video. She’s on Instagram if you’d like to follow her adventures.