Michael Gorey in court

The original Michael Gorey in Australia

The original Michael Gorey in Australia was carried ashore by his parents at Port Phillip on 1 October 1841 when James and Elizabeth Gorey arrived as free settlers from Kilkenny, Ireland.

I’m the fourth-generation Michael Gorey from my family in Australia and my son Michael is the fifth.

The first Michael was born on 24 September 1841, a week before the barque Middlesex docked in Victoria. The first European settlers arrived in Melbourne in 1835 and in 1841 the population was 11,738.

Michael was baptised at St Francis’ Catholic Church in Lonsdale Street on 14 October 1841. That was 10 days after the foundation stone for the current church was laid by the Irish Franciscan priest, Fr Patrick Geoghegan.

A small timber chapel (1839) was located on the site while the present church was being built and that’s where Michael received the sacrament.

As far as we know he never married or had children. He died at Nagambie in Central Victoria on 31 July 1908, aged 66.

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